Teens Empowerment Project (TEP)

This project was designed to train and mentor adolescents on emerging health issues, while equipping them with basic life-building and leadership skills. The project had 2 components: an in-school Teens club, and a National Youth Forum. The In-school Teens Club creates a friendly platform for young people to interact with each other, and with trained health educators, especially on issues affecting their health and well-being. Other benefits of the club include: Offers young people an opportunity to learn about current health issues and their role in creating a healthy nation; provides the adolescents an avenue for heart to heart counseling about HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancy; and provides an avenue for mentorship The 1st phase of the CWHAD Teens Club kicked off in February 2013 and ended in June 2013. A total number of five hundred and fifty nine (559) students were reached during this phase. 2 schools participated in the project; a private co-educational secondary school and a public co-educational secondary school. The participants were aged between 10years and 21years old. and career guidance.

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