Centre for Women's Health and Adolescents' Development (CWHAD), is a non-governmental Organization (NGO), founded by Mrs. Helen Odega in 2012.

CWHAD partnered with the Rotary Club of Trans-Amadi for the implementation of their 2019 Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Project which held at Azuabe community in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers state. This partnership was made possible with funding from the Martindale Family of the Indiana State, USA.  We provided 27 sterile birthing kits and supported the free medical outreach for the project. A total of 359 women and children were reached during this outing.

Given the unmet need of the community, we are soliciting funds in order to provide access to health services for the teeming population of the residents we were unable to attend to at this time. To make a donation, please visit our donation tab or click here to make your kind donation.

safe motherhood outreach

 Expecting Mothers Drugs

safe motherhood outreach kits

CWHAD Mothers Delivery Kits


safe motherhood outreach2

 Cross Section of the Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Project Implemetation Team

Recorded Session of the Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Outreach Project


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This year marked the 6th Anniversary of CWHAD and the 5th Annual Maternal Health Lecture. The event which was celebrated on September 7th 2018 in the rural community of Degema, Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State, held at the First Baptist Church hall, Degema. A total of 189 persons were in attendance. This included 21 pregnant women, 51 nursing mothers, 24 women of child bearing age and 94 children between the ages of 0-5years.


IMG 20180908 WA0057The theme of this year’s lecture was ‘Improving Maternal Health Outcomes in Rural Communities’. The Ministry of Health was represented by the Coordinator of the Safe Motherhood unit, Mrs. Mikiai Amachree, and the Desk officer for Safe Motherhood, Mrs. Dabota Captain. The first speaker, Mrs. Mikiai Amachree delivered on the topic ‘Antenatal Care attendance and facility utilization for delivery’. She educated the women about safe motherhood, exclusive breastfeeding, the importance of routine drugs to the mother and foetus, as well as proper dieting in pregnancy. The second speaker, Mrs. Dabota Captain talked about Family Planning. She discussed the different methods of family planning and their benefits. She also debunked some myths and misconceptions about family planning. One of such misconception was the notion that family planning leads to sterility.



IMG 20180908 WA0060

The free medical outreach program was part of our effort to improve maternal health outcomes for people in Degema. With support from FAECARE Foundation and RAHI Medical Outreach, CWHAD provided screening for malaria, hypertension and Diabetes. Multivitamin supplements were provided to pregnant and lactating mothers, while children were dewormed and given Vitamin A. Their mothers were given Vitamin B and Paracetamol syrups for use at their homes.


12 pregnant women went home with CWHAD Mothers Delivery Kit. This kit is a customized bag that contains all the items needed by pregnant women for their delivery. It was launched in 2017 as a part of the Save-a-Mum  project towards curbing maternal mortality in Rivers State. Other items given include; baby baths, baby cot, baby net, baby blankets, baby caps, socks, combs, dettol, towels clothes and shoes. 


Our sincere gratitude goes to our partners: RAHI Medical Outreach; FAECARE Foundation; Rivers State Ministry of Health; as well as our friends and fans for their support.


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2014 World Aids Day

2104 world aids day2The 2014 world AIDS day was commemorated in two phases: Phase 1 was theThe 2014 world AIDS day was commemorated in two phases: Phase 1 was theHIV education for 155 pupils of the State Primary School, Rumurolu, PortHarcourt and the free HIV screening for 24 teachers in the same school. Thisst activity held on the 1 of December 2014. The second phase was the HIVsensitization and screening held as a part of the free medical outreach programfor members of the Open doors Christian Centre, Rumueme, Mile 4, PortHarcourt. 69 persons voluntarily got counseled and screened for HIV. Total of248 persons were reached during the World AIDS day.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 20:08

Teens Empowerment Project (TEP)

This project was designed to train and mentor adolescents on emerging health issues, while equipping them with basic life-building and leadership skills. The project had 2 components: an in-school Teens club, and a National Youth Forum. The In-school Teens Club creates a friendly platform for young people to interact with each other, and with trained health educators, especially on issues affecting their health and well-being. Other benefits of the club include: Offers young people an opportunity to learn about current health issues and their role in creating a healthy nation; provides the adolescents an avenue for heart to heart counseling about HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancy; and provides an avenue for mentorship and career guidance.

Teens Empowerment Project (TEP)The 1st phase of the CWHAD Teens Club kicked off in February 2013 and ended in June 2013. A total number of five hundred and fifty nine (559) students were reached during this phase. 2 schools participated in the project; a private co-educational secondary school and a public co-educational secondary school. The participants were aged between 10years and 21years old.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 20:07

1ST Annual Maternal Health Lecture (AMHL)

This is an event designed to educate the public about issues in women's health, and provide an opportunity for networking and interactive sessions with stakeholders in women's health. It is planned to take every May. The Center hosted the 1st Annual Maternal Health lecture on the 20th of May, 2013. The event had in attendance representatives of civil society organizations, doctors, students, and representatives of the state ministries of health and women affairs.

The theme of the 2013 lecture was “Maternal mortality in Nigeria: experiences from Rivers State and the way forward”; delivered by Dr. Godson Eze, a public health expert from the Delta State University Teaching Hospital.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 20:05

Global Female Condom Day Campaign

On  the  16th of  September,  2013,  the  Center  for  Women's  Health   and Adolescents' Development (CWHAD), in collaboration with the Society for Family Health (SFH), organized a one-day community outreach to celebrate the ''Global Female Condom Day''- a day set aside to celebrate the only dual protection for females in the prevention of pregnancy and STIs. The event took place along Education bus stop, Mile one (1), Diobu, Port Harcourt. Most of the participants were amazed by the interesting module. Specifically, the practical use of the female condom was demonstrated by trained facilitators from SFH, and counseling on HIV prevention and testing were offered to those who sought for it. Samples of the male and female condoms as well as other IEC materials were distributed to the participants. The participants received the program very well. It was indeed a successful outing!

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 20:03

World Aids Day

As part of its effort to join the global community in the fight against HIV infection and to mark the 2013 World AIDS day, the Centre organized a one day road walk titled 'a walk against AIDS', as well as free HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) for Rumubiakani and Rumuomasi communities in Port Harcourt Rivers state. The project was supported by the Rivers State Agency for the Control of AIDS (RIVSACA), Society for Family Health (SFH) and the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN). A total of one hundred and ninety (190) persons were reached with adequate HIV information using the HIV information handbills and health talk by the Executive Director, and One hundred and twenty five (125) persons volunteered to be screened for HIV.


Wednesday, 12 June 2019 20:03

2nd Annual Maternal Health Lecture (2014)

In furtherance of our goal to promote women's health, and to sensitize women at the grass root about issues affecting their health, CWHAD organized the 2014 edition of annual maternal health lecture series. The theme was 'Malaria in Pregnancy: the way forward'. According to the lecture delivered by the Executive Director, Mrs. Helen Odega, Over 300,000 Nigerians die from malaria each year. An estimated 250,000 of these deaths are children younger than five. Malaria also contributes a significant 11% of maternal deaths in Nigeria.

The event held at the Dominion  Towers   Parish, R edeemed Chris tian Church Of God (RCCG), RD road, off Okporo road, Port Harcourt. A total of 25 pregnant women were in attendance at the lecture. A major high point of the event was the  free  malaria scr eening and the distribution of insecticide treated nets.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 20:03

Free Medical Outreach Program

The free medical outreach program was introduced into CWHAD's programs as a part the free medical outreach program was introduced into CWHAD's programs as a part of the Centre's strategy to promote wellness in the community. CWHAD works withmedical professionals to implement HIV counseling and Testing, Malaria screening and treatment, distribution of long lastingtreatment, distribution of long lasting insecticide treated nets, Diabetes screening,hypertension screening, Deworming andFamily planning using the male and femalecondoms, during the outreaches. Some of themajor outreaches held 2014 according to the communities include:

Free Medical Outreach Program2A. AKPAJIO: Rotary Family Health Day:

CWHAD partnered with the RotaryClub of Trans-Amadi to implement the 3- day event which held at the PrimaryHealth Centre, Akpajio, Port Harcourt, from the th 24th to 26 of April, 2014.Over 500 persons were reached.

 B. WOJI: CWHAD partnered with the DivineWOJI: CWHAD partnered with the DivineGrace Area, Redeemed Christian Churchof God (RCCG) , Rivers Province 3, PortHarcourt to implement the one day eventwhich held in June 2014. The program hadin attendance men, women and childrenfrom all works of life. Total of 275 personswere reached.

C. RUMUBIAKANI: CWHAD through its medical outreach projectC. RUMUBIAKANI: CWHAD through its medical outreach projectimplemented an Ebola sensitization exercise during its medical outreach forRumuobiakani community in Port Harcourtth shortly after the Ebola outbreak, on the 16 ofAugust 2014. A total of 76 persons were reachedduring the exercise.

 Free Medical Outreach Program6D. TRANS-AMADI: The Executive Director ofD. TRANS-AMADI: The Executive Director of CWHAD, Mrs. Helen Odega was invited as a resource person to speak on the Ebola virusas a resource person to speak on the Ebola virusoutbreak during the Health and Safety day of twocompanies in Trans-Amadi. The lecture held onth the 27 of August at 10am and 2pm at BGTechnical and Segofs Energy Services respectively.

Free Medical Outreach Program98E. RUMUOLUMENI: To  mark  CWHAD's 2nd anniversary, CWHAD organized a one day medical outreach for Rumuolumeni community in Obio-Akpor Local Government  Area  of  Rivers  State.  The  event which benefitted 52 persons held on the 4th of October, 2014.

F. RUMUROLU: A one day free medical outreach was organized for residents in Rumurolu community as part of the activities during the love feast celebration which held on the 7th of  December.  65  persons benefitted from the exercise.

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