This year marked the 6th Anniversary of CWHAD and the 5th Annual Maternal Health Lecture. The event which was celebrated on September 7th 2018 in the rural community of Degema, Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State, held at the First Baptist Church hall, Degema. A total of 189 persons were in attendance. This included 21 pregnant women, 51 nursing mothers, 24 women of child bearing age and 94 children between the ages of 0-5years.

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The theme of this year’s lecture was ‘Improving Maternal Health Outcomes in Rural Communities’. The Ministry of Health was represented by the Coordinator of the Safe Motherhood unit, Mrs. Mikiai Amachree, and the Desk officer for Safe Motherhood, Mrs. Dabota Captain. The first speaker, Mrs. Mikiai Amachree delivered

on the topic ‘Antenatal Care attendance and facility utilization for delivery’. She educated the women about safe motherhood, exclusive breastfeeding, the importance of routine drugs to the mother and foetus, as well as proper dieting in pregnancy. The second speaker, Mrs. Dabota Captain talked about Family Planning. She discussed the different methods of family planning and their benefits. She also debunked some myths and misconceptions about family planning. One of such misconception was the notion that family planning leads to sterility.


The free medical outreach program was part of our effort to improve maternal health outcomes for people in Degema. With support from FAECARE Foundation and RAHI Medical Outreach, CWHAD provided screening for malaria, hypertension and Diabetes. Multivitamin supplements were provided to pregnant and lactating mothers, while children were dewormed and given Vitamin A. Their mothers were given Vitamin B and Paracetamol syrups for use at their homes.


12 pregnant women went home with CWHAD Mothers Delivery Kit. This kit is a customized bag that contains all the items needed by pregnant women for their delivery. It was launched in 2017 as a part of the Save-a-Mum  project towards curbing maternal mortality in Rivers State. Other items given include; baby baths, baby cot, baby net, baby blankets, baby caps, socks, combs, dettol, towels clothes and shoes. 


Our sincere gratitude goes to our partners: RAHI Medical Outreach; FAECARE Foundation; Rivers State Ministry of Health; as well as our friends and fans for their support.

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