Action Against Malaria Project

This is an initiative to contribute to fight against malaria in our communities,This is an initiative to contribute to fight against malaria in our communities,especially among pregnant women and under fives. Activities within this project areimplemented either as a standalone malaria campaign or within the medical outreachprogramme. The activities include lecture on Malaria, Malaria screening using theRapid Diagnostic Test Kit, Malaria treatment, and the distribution of Long LastingInsecticide Treated Nets (LLIN). Some standalone malaria campaign organized byCWHAD this year in different communities includes:

A.WOJI: on the 24 of October 2014,A.WOJI: on the 24 of October 2014,CWHAD’s Executive Director wasinvited to deliver a talk on Malaria duringthe women’s convention of the SistersFellowship International (SFI), PortHarcourt Branch. The program whichhas in attendance over 100 women andchildren was an opportunity to screen thewomen and children for malaria.Treatment was also provided free ofcharge to persons who had the disease.

B. RUMUIBEKWE: In NovemberB. RUMUIBEKWE: In November2014, CWHAD organized a one daymalaria eradication campaign forpregnant women who attend JesusHouse Parish, RCCG Rivers province 3,Port Harcourt. The program began witha lecture on ‘Malaria in Pregnancy’,delivered by one of CWHAD’svolunteers, Dr. Adeola Olajide. Afterthe lecture, the women were screenedand they received free LLIN. 56persons benefitted from the program.

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